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Destiny Leadership Academy

Destiny leadership Academy is charged with the mandate of raising transformational leaders. Equipping the younger generation to be able to stand in their place towards societal transformation and effectively representing God’s kingdom wherever they are located.

In this program, we are planning to train 100 tertiary students free in about eighteen unique areas of leadership, personal development and career success.
This program will be done in three Saturdays, running for at least six hours each day and an additional day for 4 hours.


1.The Concept of Leadership
2. Leadership and Relationship
3. Leadership and Corruption
4. Execution
5. Principles of Successful Leadership

Career Success

1. Strategy
2. Laws of Competence
3. Laws of Success
4. Excellence
5. Building Systems

Personal Development

1. Personal Transformation
2. Self Discipline
3. Time and life Management
4. Self Development
5. Interpersonal Relationship

General Courses

1. You and the Law
2. Developing Multiple Streams of income
3. Kingdom Diplomacy


After thorough budgeting, we discovered that three hundred and fifty thousand can take care of the cost of running the program. Partnering with us in this program will be another opportunity for you to give back to the society and participate in raising the younger generation. Remain blessed.

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Destiny Leadership Initiative

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Our Commitment

We plan to take care, course materials, refreshment for participants, certificate and other logistics without asking the participants to pay for the program.