the meal for good leadership

Some leaders do not practice teamwork because they are used to working as single leaders. This does not mean that they lack human resources but that they prefer doing things alone. This kind of leader does not give people a sense of involvement in the work of leadership. He prefers using them to do things he feels that they can do instead of working together with them.




We don’t live in a vacuum or work in isolation. Life is built on interpersonal relationships. Even in the digital world where body seems to be poles apart, we are always having interpersonal relationships in some way. Since most part of our lives on earth involves relating with one another; it becomes very crucial to be equipped with basic ingredients of relating with people.



the intricacies of youthful life

The youthful stage of life is a very importance stage in everyone’s life. It is full of experiences; some of which are bad while others are good. Consequently, there must be an attempt to unveil the complex details of youthful life, so that those within this delicate age range will know how best to live in order not to miss the right steps in life.

This is therefore, where the necessity for this book arises. This book, “the Intricacies of Youthful life”, is an in-depth x-ray of the characteristics, and problems of youthfulness. Beyond this, its value is in the prescription of these problems which are peculiar to this age group. 


maximizing your youthful life

The youthful stage of life is a very delicate stage. At this stage of life, many slip off the path leading to their destiny. Some of these mistakes are highly irreversible while some can be corrected later in life. The mistakes of youths are often as a result of societal influences, lack of guidance and the psychological disposition of youths. The book “Maximizing your Youthful Life” is  a great shoot in tackling the inevitable issues and challenges of youths. It is highly inspirational, practical, motivational, expository and scholarly.



The meal for Good Leadership is an invaluable material that needs to be read hook, line and sinker by every individual who wishes to achieve leadership competence. I fully recommend it for all.
Prof. Joy Eyisi
Director, National Assembly Special Study Center, National Open University of Nigeria, Abuja
The meal for Good Leadership is a good treatise for any leader who desires to be successful and effective. I commend this book to all leaders and aspiring leaders.
Prof. Offornze Amucheazi
Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Proffesor of Law, Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka.
Over the years, leaders after feeding others, starve. Emerging leaders will find this book very useful as it will help them avoid "Rocking" in unnecessary pit holes that face leaders in all facets of life.
Ven. Emeka Ezeji
Sub-Dean, Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd Enugu.
Lead, follow or get out of the way! These are the directions this book, "The meal for Good Leadership" is pointing to. This book is painstakingly conceived and artistically written. Every shelf yearns for its copies.
Chinonso Okolo
Lecturer, Department of English and Literature, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.